I so love Wine Blogging Wednesday and am glad I caught the tweet on this one.  I have a habit of missing them or seeing and forgetting because I don’t put it on my calendar.

In any event…This months Wine Blogging Wednesday is being hosted by Frank Morgan from Drink What YOU Like and a big Viognier fan, in particular Virginia Viognier.  Would you believe that I didn’t bring home one bottle of Virginia Viognier from TasteCamp.  Shame on me.

I knew I had to have a bottle of Viognier in the house, it’s summertime and I love a nice crisp, floral Viognier this time of year.  When I searched I came across two bottles of the 2010 Goosecross Viognier, so that became the wine of the evening with grilled chicken over sauteed greens (have an excess of greens from the CSA).

I should let you know, we are members of the Goosecross wine club and have been for quite a while.  Actually, the first time I took Paul to Napa in 1997 we came back and I joined their wine club based on their label. Yes their label.  If I knew then, what I know today about wine and the places we randomly stopped at for a tasting, I’d have a heck of a cellar as I would have purchased more than one bottle at those random wineries such as Staggs Leap, Silverado, Silver Oak and more, but I guess you do need to drink them sooner or later.

Now let’s get back into the Viognier because I got way off track.  This Viognier had a nice straw color wiht a nose of fresh floral and honeysuckle.  As the wine touches your palate you’ll get the taste of peach, pear and honeysuckle.  Mid way through there is a hint of nectarines. The finish is of grapefruit and their rinds.

It really is a nice refreshing summer wine!  I think I should be receiving 3 more bottles via my UPS man in the upcoming weeks.