Blending trials are challenging.  You like aspects of one blend, color of another.  You kind of wish you could just add chocolate chips and bake at 350 and it would come out wonderful and tasty.

At our 3rd blending trial everything was going well.  Each blend was the same color but slightly different.  It was unanimous we all like blend #4.  The winemaster said that was the blend you all liked from the beginning.

So we thought…I noticed it was missing something on the nose.  It wasn’t as aromatic as the blend we liked at the first blending trial.  Same with the taste – it was missing something.  Just because I was the odd ball out, I said something.  Hey this has to be the perfect base blend.  Once I said “wait, there is something missing, who has their notes from the first blending?” the winemaster agreed that it wasn’t true to the first blend that we liked, there was something missing.

So a few days later Keryl and I returned to try the blend with the missing ingredient. The color was good   the fizz was good, the aroma was wonderful, it put a smile on our face.  The taste – FANTASTIC!  Glasses clanking together, we nailed the base!

Now – visit us at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival, September 10 & 11 and vote on one of three blends made from this base.  The winning blend is the Frizzante we will produce.