This event is a must! Have you eaten local grass fed beef, paired with red wine? You should attend this event. I attend last year and was amazed at the difference a grass fed burger tastes. Paired with Whitecliff’s red wines…yum!! I am now a grass fed beef convert! Their red wines are the best IMO in the valley. I hope they have their Malbec bottled for this event. Last year it paired great with the burgers!

You will enjoy the pleasures of eating local in a Hudson Valley summer at Whitecliff Vineyard’s Red Wine & Grass-Fed Beef Gourmet Burger Celebration. It all takes place on Saturday and Sunday, August 25th and 26th, from 12 to 4 p.m. Saturday, and 12-3 Sunday. The Celebration will give you a true taste of Hudson Valley agriculture, as it offers up the delicious synergy of wine, burgers from local grass-fed beef, sweet corn, and ice cream.

For more information and tickets you can call the winery at 845-255-4613. You can visit their website as well at although I didn’t see the event listed there. Just call the winery.

Maybe I’ll see you there.