This is a new release from Whitecliff – the 2009 Riesling.  Some if it is estate grown and some of it comes from other regions in New York.  I’d say it is a good sampling of a New York Riesling with an emphasis on estate grown grapes.  A winemakers’ note – the grapes were high in acid when harvested.

The wine is rated a high medium dry based on the International Riesling Profile set forth by the International Riesling Foundation.  Layman terms – about 1%  – 1.5% residual sugar.

I tasted this wine twice – once in the  tasting room and once at home with my husband with my purchase. The taste was consistent.  The wine had peach on the bouquet with a hint of lime. It had  an overall nice balance and mouth feel.

A first the wine had a slight mineral taste on the finish. However, once the wine opened up, there was actually a bit of acid left behind on the after taste on the roof of your palate.

This wine will go very well with Asian dishes or a dish with as light spice.