I am really liking these Traminette’s produced in the Hudson Valley.  This is Whitecliff Vineyards 2009 Traminette and it a nice refreshing wine to have on a hot summer day.

On the nose I found hints of floral with a little rose aroma and lychee.   When I describe the Traminette it seems to usually have this lychee nose and taste.  Did you ever wonder what a lychee is?Lychee is a tropical fruit. It is primarily found in China, India, Madagascar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, southern Taiwan, nothern vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Southern Africa.  It is a fragranced fruit with a sweet taste.  The fragrance comes from the organic compound Rose Oxide (twocisroseoxide.) Rose Oxide contributes to the flavor of lychee that is found in Traminette and Gewurztraminer.

On the taste – it was pretty much lychee spice.  It rounded out with a little honey mid palate.  It finished with a lemon drop.