Tucked away in Windham NY is Windham Vineyards. If anyone has skied at Windham Mountain, I am sure you are like me, and didn’t realize there was a winery close by. I will have to make it a stop the next time I am up that way in Greene County, skis or no skis.

I was fortunate to have a bottle of Windham Vineyard’s 2007 Unoaked Chardonnay that was leftover from the Hudson Valley Wine Competition. I took this opportunity to review it.

Honestly, I was quite surprised. This is a dry wine and the first sip hand hints of melon with a lychee finish. There isn’t a lot of body in this wine, it’s light and the finish isn’t long.

We put the bottle in a sleeve and sat on the back deck. When the wine was very cold it had hints of lemon. As it warmed up the melon became present.

This leads me to a question of,” how cold do you chill your wine?”