Where did the summer go?  Why is it in a blink of an eye it’s Labor Day.  I swear it was just Memorial Day and we were getting started with our summer fun.

We’ve done a lot of grilling and smoking this summer, but we do use those outdoor tools all year long. (yes I’ve been known to throw steaks on the grill during a snow storm)

As we wrap of the summer fun this weekend here are some grilling and wine suggestions for your Labor Day BBQ

If you are smoking any meat ie..ribs, brisket, or grilling burgers a Zinfandel or Baco Noir will pair nicely. I love Baco with my ribs! Throw in a Syrah or Cabernet Franc as well.

Throw some salmon on the grill and depending how you cook it you can pair it with a Rose, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.  I know, to many choices.  Roasted or grilled salmon with a buttery sauce will pair with a Chardonnay. Cooking it with lemon or citrus flavors you might want to try a Sauvignon Blanc. Plank roasted or even smoked you want to pair it with a Rose or Pinot Noir. Try and match the seasoning you are working with to the wine.

Making salad with the bounty of your garden try a Pinot Grigio, Torrontes from Argentina or a Cava.

No matter what your are grilling or celebrating this Labor Day weekend, have fun!

Here are some selections I enjoyed this summer.