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Ashley Routson

The one thing I would add to the list that was omitted is Ashley Routson (formally of Montgomery, New York) book for the beer lover The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer, An Unprententious Guide to Craft Beer. Let’s face it, after a day of wine tasting you need a good beer to cleanse your palate. Ashley has been involved with evolution of craft beer from the beginning. She explains everything you want to know about craft beer from terminology to measurement scales. The different types of craft beers, what they pair with and if you like a certain type of wine, what craft beer you will enjoy. There are food and cocktail recipes included as well. Definitely THE go to book for understanding beer



Wine Lovers – Gifts of Knowledge

Wine Lovers and Enthusiasts have a never ending thirst for Wine Knowledge.  Here are some great books that they will not only enjoy but help them to become even better wine enthusiasts.
THE WINE BIBKaren MacNeilLE by Karen MacNeil
It’s that time of the year again when we are all looking for that special gift for the person who loves wine.  There are many wine books, yes books, not a kindle download, something that will look good on the coffee table and are very informative.  I’ve reviewed a few that I think will make wonderful gifts this Holiday season.  Oh and I have to throw in the craft beer book.  After a day of wine tasting one needs a good pint of craft beer to cleanse the palate.  Besides, you might now of a friend who will enjoy the Craft Beer Guide.
We will begin with The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil.  I had the great opportunity to meet her at the Wine Bloggers Conference this year. This is a great book that explains the building blocks of wine, wine regions, wine terminology and she even explains what you need to know to purchase, store and serve wine.  A must for a wine lover whether seasoned or a newbie.
If you are a history of wine buff discover the innovations and discoveries that have impacted the Oz Clarkeevolution of wine and wine making. Travel back to 6000 BC where it all began. It’s quite amazing, the history and transformation of wine through all the cultures and countries and bottles.
THE GRAPES OF THE HUDSON VALLEY J Stephen Casscles by J. Stephen Casscles. 
Steve brings an educational book about history of the Hudson Valley wine region along with grapes of the region.  He talks about cool climate grapes that are grown in the Hudson Valley and other regions in the US and Canada.  When I say talks about, he goes in-depth to the biological parents of the grapes to the producers and innovators of the region.
THE EXES IN MY IPOD by Lisa Mattson 
For the female on your list who thinks working a winery is glamorous and must be easy, this book is a Lisa M Mattsonone woman account on her journey from high school to wine country and the men that gave taught her life lessons along the way.  Is it a “woman’s trashy novel” yes but is is non-ficton and a true account of someone’s life and the men that influenced her of NOT along the way. It will give the reader the strength to follow her dreams.