On October 5th I attended “Wine Night” which is a monthly gathering of my neighbors. We all get together and bring a bottle. This is a great way to taste many varieties of wine. You can get detailed and have everyone bring a bottle of South African White, or a Riesling from Germany. You can really have fun with it.

This wine night was the beginning of October. We were having quite a warm spell, so it was a White Wine evening.

Here were some of the evenings selections. I brought over the Campus Oaks Viognier. I usually like Viognier, but wasn’t to thrilled with this selection.

The Giesen Sauvignon Blanc which isn’t shown here in the picture is a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Nice, crisp and citrusy.

We did have one lonely Red, but being a white night, we never drank it. Will have to wait until a red night comes along.