Set high in the hills above Napa sits Somerston Wine Company. They have over 200 acres planted and the area has cool nights, late morning fog and warm afternoons.  This lends itself to a nice slow ripening at harvest.

The eastern part of the property sits Priest Ranch. The history dates back to 1849 when a man named Joshua James Priest gained the title to 638 acres of the Catacula land grant in a section called Soda Valley.  Today Soda Valley is called Priest Ranch.

The 2009 Priest Ranch Petite Sirah is 100% Petite Sirah. It has a pretty high alcohol content, clocking in at 15%.

Aromas of rose petals, vanilla and oak come out immediately.  The first sip was strong cherry licorice and very tight.  As the wine opened up it became very complex.  Layers of sour cherry, cassis and hint of licorice filled my mouth.

The wine is very inky in color and you will walk away with purple teeth.

This is a pretty big wine and  although I received this wine as a media sample over a year go, this wine could use another 4 – 6 years in the bottle.  So if you see it, buy it and cellar it for a few more years.  SRP $46