Winephabet Street Season 1 Episode 10 – J is for Jacquere

by | Apr 12, 2018

Welcome to Winephabet Street Season 1 Episode 10. Winephabet Street is a monthly series where Lori Budd of Draceana Wines and myself work our way through the alphabet exploring wine and wine regions on letter at a time. The show is live on the third Monday at 8pm and is free, but you must register to attend. Put in on your calendar, pour yourself a glass of wine and hang out with us.

 March took us to the Savoie region of France as we explored the Jacquere grape. Two years ago I had purchased some wine from this region and remember how much I enjoyed the crispness of the wine and made a note to research it. Ha, that day didn’t come until Winephabet Street. I learned so much about not only the grape but the region itself. I think it’s a hidden gem, especially for some nice crisp acidic whites with wonderful balance.

 Sit back with a glass of wine and join us as we visit the Jacquere grape and the region it’s grown. Watch the webinar or listen to the podcast.

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