Wines of Marche – Centanni Rosso Di Forca

by | Oct 10, 2016

I was first introduced to the Wines of  Marche, Centanni Rosso Di Forca 2 years ago. Now two years later, I can look and see if anything has changed.

What has stayed the same is the bend.  It is still a 50/50 blend of Montepluciano and Sangiovese. Each wine was aged in French oak before it was blended together.

The 2013 Rosso Di Forca is a medium bodied with aromas that were a bit earthy and some red fruit.  A palate full of serious cherries and hints of vanilla and tobacco. Somewhat rounded tannins and nice acidity.

I paired this with a lamb dish with tomatoes and the lamb softened the tannins in the wine.  The fat in the lamb mellowed out the acid in the wine. The real magic happened as the wine combined with the lamb, brought out the flavors in both exploding in your mouth.

The wine retails for about $14.99

Get to know Marche. If you are going to be traveling to the region and want to stay at a vineyards, they offer B&B agriturism so you can vacation among the vines. The home is a 19th century rustic house that has been fully restored.  Stay in the vineyards and be 5 kilometers from the beach and experience the region.

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