I have to be honest here, the Rose type of wine isn’t something I seek out.  I try to be open minded with everything, honest and try new things.

The Adair Vineyards Rosalais is made with 50% Dechaunac and 50% Fronenac.

When I opened the Rosalais and had a sip I decided that this wine needed to be chilled. It tasted like warm strawberries that could benefit from a little chilling.  I gave it a while in the chiller – another glass was poured.  One thing I will say to describe this wine is Strawberry!  Strawberry everywhere, but not sweet, sugary strawberry. If you’ve ever made strawberry jam and crushed the strawberries just prior to adding the sugar, that’s the strawberry flavor that this wine has.  However, there is a slight hint of sweetness as in the finished strawberry jam product on the finish.  If you like strawberries and strawberry wine, this Rosalais is for you.

This wine is only sold in their tasting room and various farmers markets they attend.