It was an evening of B’s last night…that is wines that were produced by wineries starting with the letter B.

I stayed at a friends house in Middletown last night, so I wouldn’t have to drive 1 hour in the morning to get to a 7:45am appointment. What great hospitality! When I arrived they had already started on a 2006 Brotherhood Pinot Noir. A glass was poured for me. It was good. Then we opened a Benmarl Baco Noir with dinner. The Baco is a very interesting wine. I do like it. A little smokey on the end. This Baco is grown at Slate Hill Vineyards where Benmarl is located. Baco is a variety that grows well in cooler climates.

After dinner we retired to the living room to do what every household in America was doing..watching election results. We did this with a bottle from my wine cellar that I had brought. A 2002 Baywood Reserve Merlot. It’s a good thing I brought it…if I had waited another year, it would have been salad dressing. It had no tannins and had cherry on the taste with a strong black licorice on the end. One candy I don’t like is licorice!! I can’t let good wine go to waste, so it was finished by the time I fell asleep on the couch. (I was then woken up to retire upstairs to a bed that was waiting for me)