I’ve been wanting to open this bottle of Adair wine for a while. After tasting and really enjoying Marc’s oak aged Vidal, I was looking forward to the Sur Lie Aged Vidal.

Some might not know what the term Sur Lie Aged is so here is the definition: The French term for “on the lees.” Wines that have been aged in contact with dead yeast cells or or residual yeast to gain some measure of complexity.

After I opened the bottle, I decided to take little smell not of the cork, but of the bottle. Boy did I get a nose full of yeast. The smell was as if I was making a loaf of bread. I was a little sceptical but once I poured it in the glass I received a bouquet of lemon zest. Now I felt better.

I tasted hints of grapefruit and the bitterness that sometimes accompanies the fruit. The balance of this wine was okay. I did enjoy this wine but personally like the Vidal that was aged in oak for 8 months. That’s my personal preference. What’s yours?