In December, on Winephabet Street, we learned about the Orange Muscat grape with our special guest, Andrew Quadi of Quadi Winery. Nestled in Madera, California, Andrew and his wife have been crafting exceptional wines since the late ’70s, transitioning from an engineering background to the art of winemaking.

Orange Muscat, is a grape variety that boasts a fusion of orange and apricot flavors that fascinate the senses in a surprisingly delightful way. Despite its green skin, the wine reveals a captivating golden-orange hue and an irresistible aroma,

The winemaking process for Orange Muscat is a meticulous art. The grapes undergo one to two days of skin contact at a low temperature before being pressed and fermented, bringing out the unique apricot-orange flavors. Aging in French oak barrels adds to its rich, vibrant taste and golden appearance.

Its natural sweetness sets Orange Muscat apart, with grapes maturing to at least 23% sugar content. This sweetness, combined with layered fruit and floral aromas, usually leads to the creation of delightful sweet wines.

Orange Muscat can elevate your tasting experience. It pairs wonderfully with desserts, particularly those less sweet than the wine itself. Imagine it with nice creamy New York cheesecake.

Orange Muscat offers a unique and memorable experience. Its distinct taste and color make it a delightful discovery, perfect for pairing or enjoying solo.

Quady Winery 2020 Essensia Orange Muscat SRP $23.99 – Nice, slightly orange to match the name. Smooth on the palate with hints of orange and apricot. This wine is on the sweeter side but has a nice consistency on the palate. Serve slightly chilled.

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