170 years ago a family of explorers and winemakers began hand digging undergound tunnels in Washingtonville, New York. Come celebrate All Hallows Eve below the surface of the earth from where this historical holiday was born.

2009 marked the resurection of the spirit of Halloween in our historical cellars with an EPIC party that lasted far deeper into the night than anyone had anticipated. Everyone who participated went over-the-top with their costumes to impress the “Secret” judges. We know this year’s party will surpass all expectations, so get your tickets sooner than never!

Music & Dancing:
DJ Jason Jaso in the Long Vault
OPEN Wine Tasting Bar: 8pm-11pm
Halloween Buffet: 8pm-10pm
Costume Contest: 11pm

Tickets are ALL INCLUSIVE & EXTREMELY limited so order NOW before its too late!
I attended the 2009 Halloween Ball.  I have to admit – Halloween is just not my holiday.  I put on my witches hat and had a blast.    The food and entertainment were great!