Happy Bitch Wines had a great weekend at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival.  People had a blast at our booth!  Most of the day people were standing 3 and 4 deep just wanting to be a part of something, to be able to have a say.  It was so heartwarming to hear the wonderful comments and well wishes for us.  I think we were the talk of the festival.

Even the guys were getting into it.  We don’t discriminate.  And the stickers were a big hit.  “I Spit!” or “I Swallow.”

This picture above was taken at 4:30 Sunday.  The festival had begun to empty out and vendors actually had begun to tear down.  All but us.  Look at the crowd surrounding our booth.

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by whether it was to taste and vote or just say hello.  We had a great time and look forward to many more festivals and tastings in the future.

We are busy tallying the votes.  We should have an announcement in the next day or two.