It seems that the Hudson Valley fruit seems has higher brix during this harvest season than the other wine regions like the Finger Lakes and Long Island. Thoughts are this is a reflection of the heat in the valley. Not sure if I go for that. It’s been a strange and difficult growing season.

As you can see in the above picutre, the nets are up to keep away birds and deer. Sometimes they get to the grapes before anyone else. Not good.

In the Hudson Valley, Cab Franc brix are about 16.7, Chardonnay about 15, Fosh at 21.6, Merlot 16.9, Noiret 16.7, Pinot Noir 18.5, Riesling 17.4, but 16.1 in the northern part of the region, Seyval 18.8. These readings are from last week.

The grapes seem to be coming around. Different parts of the region experience different weather patterns. Growers will be picking when they feel their grapes are at the bix level suited for them. Hopefully we will still have warm days and cool nights. Who knows with Mother Nature, she has a mind of her own.