For the past 12 years or so I have been chairperson for the Hudson Valley Wine & Spirits Competition. When it first landed in my lap I began to volunteer at other wine competitions ( The NY Classic) to gain some insight on how other wine competitions run.  It is from the many years of experience volunteering that I made some changes to the Hudson Valley competition to make it what is it today.

I have to say I have a wonderful pool of judges that I contact every year. I couldn’t do it without my back room staff or my friend Dawn who spent hours with me labeling all the sheets for the judging. I owe a big thank you to my sister and nephews who spent the day at Whitecliff with me labeling all the bottles. I think my nephews got a bit of an education on wine varieties.

Results can also be found on the Hudson Valley Wine & Grape Association website at

Here are the winners. Congratulations to all!