This is the last in my series on the issue of protect wine place names.

In my previous post, the movement began in 2005 in the United States when after 20 years of negotiations, the US and EU signed the first phase of a wine agreement. As a result, the US will seek legislative changes to limit the misuse of 17 names, including Champagne. In return, the EU will accept US winemaking practices that weren’t previously accepted by EU regulations.

Since labels that incorrectly use the name Champagne have been “grandfathered” in the first round of talks, US consumers must continue to remain vigilant of those who mislead them by using the Champagne name on wines that do not come from the Champagne region of France. The growers and houses of Champagne believe that this agreement does not adequately protect the Champagne name. They remain committed to continuing their consumer education programs, an other efforts to ensure that the second round of negotiations comes to a prompt and successful conclusion that ends the misleading use of the Champagne name, misleading consumers to believe their purchase is from Champagne, France.

Below you will find supporting documentation. Next week back to Hudson Valley Wines.

March Dc Press Release Absolute Final

Joint Declaration