My first romance with Sherry was as a judge at a 3-day wine competition in New York City. The wines entered were from all over the world. On the last day, I had a flight of Sherry. I never really knew Sherry as an after-dinner drink like I knew Port. I’ll never forget the romance I felt after the first sip. I was hooked. I was so hooked that I didn’t let them take the glass of Sherry away as I wanted to finish it when the competition was over.

My romance didn’t end with Sherry then. I was so intrigued I enrolled in the Certified Sherry Wine Specialist course two years ago and passed with honors. I have a romance with Sherry, and I hope you have one with Sherry this Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, I suggest romancing with Lustau’s Cream East India Solera Sherry. The term “cream” signifies a blend, in this case it is a blend of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez which have matured separately in its own solera for 12 years.

After the two wines are blended it is aged for 3 more years in a 45 cask solera. This process is a nod to historical practices where sherry casks were sent on voyages to colonies and came back to the European ports, resulting in a smooth silky and complex wine.

You can pair this wine with dessert, creamy cheese, or foie gras. You can also make an East India Negroni.

Lustau Cream East India Solera Sherry SRP $29.99 – Smooth and velvety with layered notes of mushroom, raisins, figs and prunes. It is on the sweet side. Very easy to sip on while cuddling on the couch in front of the fireplace. Serve in a regular wine glass, slightly chilled. After it’s opened, store it in the refrigerator for ten months.

East India Negorni –

.75oz Lustau East India Solera Cream Sherry

2oz aged rum

.75oz Campari

Pour into a rocks glass, add ice and garnish with an orange twist.

Note:  Gin can be used instead of rum.