Can you believe it, we are coming up to Memorial Day weekend, the beginning of the summer.  Time goes by to fast these days!  What will you be doing this weekend?

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to go to Cape May for many years and now have my own home to go to there.  I’ve written before about the wineries of that region and have watched the region grow, but I plan to explore them in more detail now that I will be visiting the region more than once or twice a year, but making the region my second home.

The wineries of Cape May are part of the Outer Coastal Plain AVA. Yes there is actually a designated AVA.  The Outer Coastal Plain AVA wine appellation covers the counties of Cumberland, Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, and portions of Salem, Gloucester, Camden, Burlington and Monmouth.  They have well drained sandy or sandy loam soils with moderate fertility and a long growing season. There are 27 wineries and growing in this region.

I will admit first things first when I head down to the region – it’s the beach for me.  I am a sun worshiper at it’s best  baking on the beach.  But there is always time on my way home to stop at a winery and I plan on taking part in some winery events along the way.

I plan on visiting new wineries and the older ones and am looking forward to seeing how they have grown.

Also on the agenda is New Jersey Craft Beer.  Yes there is a craft beer movement in New Jersey and the first brewery on my list to visit is the Cape May Brewery.  I even purchased a NJ Craft Beer membership.

Let the summer begin!

Turdo Vineyards

Turdo Vineyards

Natali Vineyards

Jessie Creek Winery