I stopped by Millbrook Winery the other day to pick up some information for the Hudson Valley Wine & Spirits Competition and I got treated to a taste of their first estate Riesling.

Keeping in mind these are very young vines I was looking forward to the taste.

WOW! The aroma coming from the glass, such strong scents of apricot, peach and nectarine got me excited. Serious ripe stone fruit filled my mouth with a hint of honey.  I did detect a bit of sweetness, but wasn’t sure if it was because this was a bit fruit forward.  It does have 0.7% residual sugar.  I think the reason it tasted a bit sweet to me (I’m very sensitive to that) is because it lacked on the acidity side.

This wine would pair very well with Asian food with a hint of spice.

It sells in the tasting room for $20.