I’m taking you on a virtual journey down Winephabet Street, where we dive deep into the world of N for Nero d’Avola, a red wine varietal from Sicily. In this episode of Winephabet Street our special guests comes from the heart of Sicily, Gaetana Iacono from VALLE DELL’ ACATE winery.

Gaetana hails from a family in the wine business for six generations. She has a great affinity for the native wines of the area of Ragusa, Sicily. Determined to continue the legacy, she works hard to promote the value of the native wines of her region. The region is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

The Essence of Nero d’Avola

Nero d’Avola is considered the ‘king of the grapes’ in Sicily. This variety is full-bodied yet versatile. Depending on viticulture and winemaking techniques, it can be made into wines to be enjoyed now or aged for later enjoyment.

A Land of Diversity: Sicily’s Wine Regions

Sicily, described as a continent in itself, boasts a range of climates and influences. The eastern part, including Ragusa, is heavily influenced by Greek culture, offering many fish, vegetables, and cheeses. In contrast, western Sicily showcases stronger Arabian influences, focusing on agro-sweet flavors.

The Unique Terroir of VALLE DELL’ ACATE

A standout feature of VALLE DELL’ ACATE is its seven distinct soil types, each contributing uniquely to the flavor profiles of their wines. Gaetana’s approach to vineyard management and wine production is meticulous, ensuring each variety expresses the essence of its specific soil type.

Bridging Tradition and Innovation

Gaetana’s philosophy revolves around continuity and innovation. Her commitment to organic and sustainable practices, coupled with respect for the land’s heritage, sets the stage for producing exceptional wines that truly reflect the spirit of Sicily.

The Future of Sicilian Wines

The potential for Nero d’Avola and other native varieties to gain international recognition is immense, especially as wine enthusiasts become more adventurous in their selections.

Watch the webinar or listen to the podcast and learn more about the “King of Grapes” in Sicily.

About the Hosts:

  • Lori: Owner of Dracena Wines, wine educator, and advocate for Cabernet Franc.
  • Hudson Valley Wine Goddess: CSW,WLS,CSWS, author, and restaurateur, with a focus on wine education and promotion of the Hudson Valley wine region.

Special Thanks to Our Guest:

  • Gaetana Jacono: A visionary winemaker from VALLE DELL’ ACATE, dedicated to preserving the legacy of Sicilian wines.

What We Tasted:

VALLE DELL’ ACATE Il Moro Sicilia 2019 -This wine was grown in the black soil. Smooth on the palate with nice raspberry with a hint of spice on the finish.

VALLE DELL’ ACATE BND Cerasuolo di Vitoria DOCG 2020 – This is grown in red soil. It’s 60% Nero d’Avola and 40% Frappato. Bursting with raspberry on the nose. Very well-balanced palate with notes of red fruit and plum.

VALLE DELL’ ACATE Tane 2014 DOC – Serious notes of chocolate on the nose. It is a full-bodied wine, nicely balanced with notes of cherries, red currants, vanilla, and tobacco.