Back in April I did a post on the Adult Sippy Cup (post can be found by clicking here) Vin2Go has now Super Sized the sippy cup!

This super sized adult sippy cup holds much more than a glass of wine!  I tested out the super sized cup at the shore two weekends ago and brought it down to the bay as we watched the evening sunset.

We had just over 1/4 bottle left of Kunde 2010 Reserve Century Vines Zin. I poured it in the cup and it wasn’t enough, so our company, Jim poured most of his glass into the cup to give it a fuller look.

Off to the beach we went. It was a 1/2 mile walk and some sips along the way were very easy to achieve. It handled the sand and the beach elements very well.

This super sized sippy cup does hold a good amount of wine.  I would highly recommend it for an outing such as a long walk or picnic. It’s great for us because I didn’t need to carry the bottle down to the bay to refill the glass.

I’m glad to report I drank the entire contents but I really should have shared.

The Vin2Go XL cup is available from The Product Farm in an assortment of colors for $16.99.  Use code HudsonValleyVino and save 10% on any drinkware purchase.  Offer good until August 25, 2013. Click here to get yours

Disclaimer: I received the Vin2Go XL cup as a media sample.