My kitchen is a mess, we are under a full kitchen renovation.  We turned our wine room into a now pantry for the next few weeks. (don’t worry, we can still get to our wine).  Now this small room is home to our plates, food and our fridge.

Have you moved a fridge lately?  This move was tight and the only two people move the fridge were Paul and I. What do you reward yourself with after the relocation…pop a bottle of sparkling!  In this case it was a bottle of Venegazzu Montelvini Asolo Prosecco.

Asolo Prosecco is produced in Colli Asolani which is the hilly area of nothern central Veneto.  It runs from north-east to south-west between the towns of Cornuda and Asolo. The best vineyard sites are on the southern hillsides where the slopes are south facing and get lots of sun and offer loose soils for drainage.
We uncorked the bottle and got lots of bread on the nose. It was fresh with floral aromas and hint of apple. I felt the carbonation was on the strong side and didn’t quite expect that. The bubbly was quite enjoyable and smooth on the palate with flavors of Fuji apples.  The Prosecco went well with the Red Lentil Chipotle Hummus we snacked on.