I remember my first Christmas with my husband’s family, a big Italian family with a tradition of serving the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. Being greeted by smelts on the dinner table was something new for me (those sad eyes staring at me), but what really caught my attention was their wine selection, or rather, the lack thereof.

Fast forward a few years, the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day pasta became our own family tradition, but with a twist – no smelts and definitely a better selection of wines!

If you’re hosting an Italian Christmas this year, I’ve got the perfect wine selections for you, especially if you’re embracing the traditional Seven Fish Dinner on Christmas Eve and a hearty pasta meal on Christmas Day.

Mack & Schuhle, a Miami-based importer, offers a fantastic range of Italian wines perfect for these occasions. And the best part? They’re so reasonably priced, you might just buy a case of each!

Christmas Eve: Riva Leone Gavi 2021 SRP $14.99 – Gavi is made with the Cortese grape. The first time I had Gavi I was blown away by the acidity and minerality. Riva Leone Gavi is fresh with nice minerality, hints of citrus and pear mid palate and nice acidity on the finish.

Christmas Day: Riva Leone Barbera 2021 SRP $11.99 – A medium-bodied wine with a blend of black cherry and blackberry fruits, rounded off with a hint of spice. This Barbera is a superb companion to the rich flavors of braciole, sausage, and meatballs in your pasta.

Dessert Wine: Acquesi Asti Spumante SRP $17.99 – Not just a dessert wine, but a conversation starter! Its beautiful bottle is also a great gift. With floral aromas and a palate of orchard fruit and a touch of honey, it pairs beautifully with a variety of holiday desserts.

Wine selection can transform a good meal into an unforgettable dining experience. These selections from Mack & Schuhle are delicious and incredibly affordable, making them the perfect choice for your Christmas celebrations. Cheers!