It was the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Kick-Off event, I was fumbling a plate, a glass and my camera, deciding what Keegan Ale I was going to try.  Cathryn was talking to the gentleman about the beer.  I asked her how the beer tasted and ended up having the gentleman pour me a glass.  There was nobody else in that part of the room so we began to chat.  I didn’t know who she was or she who I was. (Not that I am anyone)

When she told me she was Cathryn of Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill in Cold Spring I was delighted.  I complimented her on her restaurant.  I usually meet my friend Catherine (notice spelling is different) there for lunch as it’s a good midpoint between her home in Westchester and mine. Never been disappointed.

Conversation was wonderful and one thing lead to another and lead to Happy Bitch Wines.  I briefly described the wine to her.  She immediately responded that the wine sounded great and she is going to order it for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week and serve it by the glass.  WOW!  I was besides myself and of course without any business cards in hand.  She told me she would remember the distributor.

Cathryn is a great supporter of Hudson Valley wine and food.  To show our support we ate there last week and the food was fantastic!  Not only were we there, but Quattro’s Game Farm who is one of their local suppliers was also dining there.  We ate local and drank local that evening.  Here is the menu choices including a vast selection of Hudson Valley wine.

We began the evening with a glass of Happy Bitch Rose of course while we waited for our husbands to arrive.  Dinner wines were Millbrook and Whitecliff Chardonnays.

Our first course found us dining on Caramelized Onion Crepe with Sprout Creek’s Batch 35 Truffle Fondue and Grilled Polenta with Sprout Creek Sweet Italian Sausage Sauce.  Both were fantastic!

For the main we ordered the Braised Rolled Veal Breast with Celeriac Puree, but one of our dining companions did go for the Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras & Green Apple Rissoto

Dessert found all of us except Paul ordering the Crown Maple Syrup Tuttletown Baby Bourbon Ice Cream.  Paul stayed on the healthy track and ordered the Macedonia di Frutta al’Brachetto.  All were great!

If you find yourself in Cold Spring, I highly suggest stopping for a meal at Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill!  You won’t be disappointed.