As the holidays approach, we often find ourselves in the liquor/wine store contemplating our wine purchase.  Should we get a California Chardonnay, an Oregon Pinot Noir, a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or South Africa? Everybody has their own Thanksgiving traditional meal.

I am very lucky to live in Hudson Valley Wine Country with over 25 wineries. There are regional wines that will match any palate and plate. Whether it’s red, white or sparkling, you will fine some wonderful choices here in the tasting rooms as well as the liquor/wine store.  Yes many local wines can be found in the local liquor/wine stores.

What will be on my table Thursday?  One of my new favorites – Traminette. Whitecliff, Palaia and Benmarl all produce wonderful Traminette. In fact I just purchased 2 bottles of Benmarl’s Traminette this weekend when I stopped by the tasting room.  For red wine lover at my table, we will have a Whitecliff Gamay Noir along with a Millbrook Block 5 East Pinot Noir.  There might even be some Brotherhood Blanc de Blanc making an appearance too.  What will be on yours?

There is wine produced in almost every state.  This Holiday Season, support your local community and businesses.  When you shop, when you dine, even when you purchase wine “THINK LOCAL FIRST!” (Thank you Charlie North- DCRCOC)