We are coming up on Spring, nice weather where we will be hanging outside gardening, boating, going to the beach, hiking and more. What goes best along with those activities, music and wine.

As we know wine is an important part of my life and so is music.

I worked in radio for many years. Well, I actually grew up in radio. My dad had a dream of owning his own radio station since he was a child. He was working as a Sound Engineer at Candid Camera and the show was coming to a close. It was at this time in his life he decided to go for it! The year was 1967 he purchased his first radio station. I grew up with the tunes and found out my dad’s family has history in the Hungarian wine trade. I was destined for music and wine in my life

Meet Nicholas Hammeken

Back in October when we were doing Monastrell for Winephabet Street and we had Nicholas Hammeken, founder of Hammeken Cellars as our guest. While researching for this episode I noticed he also produced a wine brand called Radio Boka. This immediately caught my attention. Me and the wine connected!

Hammeken Cellars isn’t your ordinary winery. Nicholas is Danish and was working in the wine industry in the UK. His wife who is a dentist had the opportunity to relocate to Spain and in 2001 Hammeken Cellars released their first wine brand.

Their philosophy is to source indigenous grapes from the best places in Spain and create fresh, approachable wines with growers that share the same vision.

Radio Boka

Music plays such an important role in our lives as does wine. When you hear that song on the radio or digital music platform it brings you back to a memorable time, the right tune can create excitement on an otherwise boring day.

You open that bottle of wine and the aromas take you back to a time in your childhood. The wine’s bright acidity might create excitement or chewy tannins, romance.

Now combine the music and wine and you have an explosion of good vibes around you. Excitement. Romance. Love. Fun. Memories!

Radio Boka is where friendship and music collide. It’s about having fun in life, enjoying today with the people you love and creating memories. The best is it comes in “three frequencies” Verdejo, Rose and Tempranillo all produced to show their fresh and lively expressions. Also packaged in a three-liter box in the shape of an old car radio. That will be great for the beach, the boat or the pool this summer. The bottles are all priced at $9.99 – so affordable.

Radio Boka Verdejo – 100% Verdejo from 25 year old vines. This wine is unoaked with lively citrus and green apple notes followed by medium-plus acidity. I see this wine sitting by the pool or watching the summer sunset.

Radio Boka Rose – This is a blend of 80% Tempranillo, 20% Bobal from 30+-year-old vines with strawberry, cherry and rhubarb notes. The perfect wine for the beach or the hike.

Radio Boka Tempranillo – 100% Tempranillo from 30+-year-old vines and partial aging in 100% French oak. Nice fresh red fruit with cinnamon spice on the finish. This wine is perfect for the summer BBQ!

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