Once a month seven of my neighbors and I get together at one of our houses, bring a bottle and have “wine night.”  We laugh, we get silly and we just have a good time. (Ladies only time)

This past month Susan hosted wine night and she had read an article about when red and white wine is served at room  temperature in a blind tasting, people often can’t tell the difference. She thought it would be fun if we tried it. (I googled and found this article, but not sure if this is the exact source of Susan’s readings) I cleaned the blue glasses I had gotten from my grandmother and sent them across the street for the big experiment.

I had just got back in time for our 8pm start from a Happy Bitch wine tasting and was looking forward to a fun night. After everyone showed up and before we got do deep into our bottles, we held the blind wine tasting.  I was quite surprised I nailed the country of origin that was in my glass.  I guess I don’t give myself much credit, but after this, I did pat myself on the back.  Cheers, to your wine night!