The Kotsifali grape is an indigenous red grape variety from the Greek island of Crete. This grape is essential to many Cretan wines and is highly prized for its unique qualities.It is known for producing wines with medium to full body and moderate acidity. The grape is often blended with the Mandilaria grape to create wines with a deep ruby color and notes of dark fruits, herbs, and spices. The Kotsifali grape also produces rosé wines with fresh fruit flavors and floral aromas.

The winemaking tradition of Crete dates back to ancient times, and the island has a long history of producing wine. In the Middle Ages, Crete was under Venetian rule, and during this time, the wine industry experienced significant growth. The Venetians introduced new grape varieties and modern winemaking techniques, which helped improve Cretan wine quality.

Last month during Winephabet Street we explored the Kotsifali grape with Evan Turner the Wine Director/Sommelier at Krasi Meze + Wines restaurant in Boston. During the webinar, Evan shared his knowledge and experience with the Kotsifali grape, providing insights into the winemaking techniques used to create these unique wines. We also discussed the history and culture of the island of Crete and how it has influenced the winemaking tradition of the region.

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