Full disclosure, when Deanna told me about her Paintbrushes & Party business I thought it was a great idea. However, I never thought I would participate in a class.  See, I am artistically challenged.  Yes, the only thing I can draw is stick figures and that is pushing it. Deanna assured me that I would be able to do this, after all, it’s painting along with sipping on a glass of wine or two.  Honestly, I wasn’t buying into it, even with the wine component.

Saturday, November 23 I was invited to the grand opening class at Paintbrushes & Party.  I couldn’t turn Deanna down, so I arrived, totally out of my comfort zone and nervous on how my artistic ability was going to embarrass me. When I walked in and saw the way the room was set up I almost had a panic attack.  I wasn’t the only person in the room with those concerns and feelings either so that made me feel a little better.

The supplies

We had our choice of wine or beer and then took our seats.  We went over general instructions then went and filled our palates with the primary colors.  There was a row of additional colors we could include, so I included pink and purple, my two favorite colors.

Then the instructions came.  I can do this I said.  First instruction was to mix the paint for the background and paint the canvas. Ok, how hard can that be.  Well…I didn’t mix enough first and when I mixed again, it wasn’t the same shade, but that was okay.  Then we were instructed to draw three black lines with the one brush.  Done.  Then with the smaller brush, add limbs.  Ok, this is now beginning to take some shape.  Then the leaves came on then the flowers.  There was no shortage of wine either as someone was always walking by making sure you had enough in your glass and to see if you needed any assistance.

And the finished product….my masterpiece!!!  I couldn’t believe it actually turned out so well. Yes I can draw and paint and not embarrass myself.

I loved doing this so much that I am hosting a Wine Wednesday with Happy Bitch Wines on December 11 from 6:30pm to 9pm at Paintbrushes & Party.  Come join me and find the inner artist in you and paint a masterpiece for someone on your holiday gift list.