Every year, the beautiful Italian town of Valdobbiadene paints a picturesque tableau of lush, green vineyards against a pristine blue sky, with rolling hills housing an Italian secret – the Valdo Prosecco winery. Nestled within this idyllic landscape is a timeless tradition of viniculture, where each bottle encapsulates the magic of Italian terroir, heritage, and centuries-old wine expertise. Two wines stand out at the heart of this tradition: the Floral Rosé Brut and Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC.

For over 90 years, the Valdo Prosecco winery has upheld an unwavering commitment to creating sparkling wines that symbolize the essence of the Valdobbiadene region. That passion is especially evident in the Floral Rosé Brut and Marca Oro Brut Prosecco Doc.

The Floral Rosé Brut ($15.99)

No discussion about Valdo Prosecco would be complete without mentioning the enchanting Floral Rosé Brut. This charming bottle, designed by the Italian artist Fabrizio Sclavi, captures the essence of an untouched, natural world alive with flora and fauna.

The Floral Rosé Brut is a unique blend of two native Italian grape varieties, Glera and Nerello Mascalese. Glera, known for its delicate flavor profile, is the primary grape producing Prosecco. On the other hand, Nerello Mascalese, a red variety typical of Sicily’s warmth, lends the wine its distinctive color.

Together, these grape varieties create a rosé that’s both delicate and intensely aromatic. With its refreshing notes of blackberries and cherries, underscored by a fine perlage, this bottle embodies an enchanting springtime into summer tale. It is, undeniably, a bottle of wine that complements a warm, sunny afternoon, an afternoon at the pool or on the boat, promising to enthrall your senses with its unique fusion of flavors.

Marca Oro Brut Prosecco Doc ($14.99)

Another gem from the Valdo Prosecco winery, the Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC, is a testament to the art of winemaking in Valdobbiadene. This bottle brims with the promise of a crisp, delicate experience.

The Marca Oro Brut Prosecco Doc envelopes you with its floral aromas, captivating your palate with fresh notes of honeysuckle and citrus fruit. Every sip is cheerful with its fresh, vibrant flavors.

With a delightful balance of acidity and sweetness, it truly represents the Prosecco region’s unique characteristics. Each glass serves as a celebration of the region’s history, culture, and dedication to winemaking.

Wine, much like art, is a reflection of its place of origin. Each sip transports you on a journey through the culture, history, and tradition that gave it life. The Valdo Prosecco winery, with its Floral Rosé Brut and Marca Oro Brut Prosecco DOC, presents us with a beautiful, bubbly snapshot of the Italian heartland of Valdobbiadene. These wines encapsulate the region’s spirit – passionate, vibrant, and ever-enchanted by the timeless beauty of nature.