Twice I have had the opportunity to eat at Vinum Cafe located at Brotherhood Winery.  I just haven’t had the time to write about it, so I apologize for putting it off. 

I usually tell people when they go out wine tasting to pack a picnic lunch.  Many of the wineries don’t have food. Many people don’t pack a lunch and wonder where they will be able to catch a bite to eat.  Look no further…Vinum Cafe has opened at Brotherhood Winery.

What is exceptionally nice is everything on the menu is under $12.95.  I’ve enjoyed a cheese burger and crab cakes at the Cafe.  My dining partner Colleen who happen to be with me both times enjoyed the chicken and mushrooms in a puff pastry and the salmon.  I seem to never have room for dessert and do want to try the Creme Brulee, as I heard it was very good.

There is a nice variety on the menu and the service is good.  The restaurant does have space for groups as well as a patio for outdoor dinning.

At the present time the restaurant only accepts cash, so make sure you bring enough as there is no ATM on site.