I found myself last week on my way to a colleague’s house for dinner and what did I forget…Oh no..the wine. I found myself in Beacon at the Artisan Wine Shop. What a nice store!

The owner Tim assisted me and asked what I was looking for. Even though I was looking at whites (very low on whites in the wine cellar) I needed a red. I was having beef for dinner. Since I didn’t know if the beef was a burger or steak, I need something to go with anything. He recommended a 2003 Penny Farthing Cab Franc. I have to say, it went wonderful with the steak!! Thanks Tim.

I did also purchase two Sauvignon Blanc’s, one from South Africa and one from Chile. I have yet to taste those.

When in doubt, talk to the help in your wine shop. They are most knowledgeable about the selections they carry. I found the selections in the Artisan Wine Shop quite different from selections in other wine stores and very reasonable prices. By different, I mean selections of local Hudson Valley Wine and from wine regions all over the world and lesser known regions, but small enough not to get lost in the inventory.